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Giant 2 Studios, a game development studio, employed my services to fully redesign the graphics of their mind/strategy game Gloopies. Gloopies is a simple puzzle game with a unique gameplay. It can keep you glued to your phone for hours as each level is harder than the last one.

Each of the game characters was designed depending on their perceived personality and on their role in the game. Some were made to be cute, funny, serious, and even angry.

Feast your eyes on one of the mobile game I worked on in 2018. Landslide Ninja by Eternal Studios has a fun game-play, and awesome in passing time. The project takes a very distinct cartoon style, carried out by using bright color schemes and thick outlines.

The leading character is a fun Marshmallow Ninja that can equip eastern-influenced masks and belts. There are over a hundred equipment and accessories, hand drawn by me and my team. Landslide Ninja is by a wide margin the most entertaining and fun project I got involved in.

A UK-based private hosting company emailed me to design emote stickers for their stickers. What they want in prarticular is a cute boy with blonde hair. However, they don’t want it to be too cute. The output should border the line between corporate and cartoonish.

All in all, I produced seven different emotions. To comply with their instructions, I used minimal colors and simple expressions. What inspired me in coming up with the different emote stickers is the seven basic emotions.

After minor revisions, the outcome was perfect! I’m glad I managed to incorporate cute, corporate, and cartoonish in all the emote stickers.

A game developer approached me to design a mascot for his game, Rocket Panda. To make things easier for the both of us, he gave me all the details I need to begin.

The panda I designed matched the proportions of the likes you find in Discovery Channel, Animal planet, and Kung Fu Panda. As his game is targeted to kids, he wanted the panda to be in good physical shape to leave a good impression to them.

TKS-Gameware approached me to design characters for his upcoming game. Particularly, my client wanted a character design of the game's antagonist as a promotional artwork. He asked me for two characters: an offense frog and a defense frog. Unlike many of my past clients, he doesn’t want cute characters.

He was steadfast that his frogs should look cool yet intimidating. The offense frog was designed to look like a heavy gunner, having a Gatling gun on his back. Adorned with protective gear, the defense frog was complete with a shield on one hand and a weapon in the other.

My client loved the final output. His idea was brought to life, and I took a role in achieving that.

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